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High-stakes racking season kicked off with ‘the most exciting two minutes in sports.’ Like racehorses, equity markets got a quick jump out of the gates this year, only to slow down in April following reduced expectations for Fed cuts and stubborn inflation.  With the tailwind from the Fed dissipating, focus has turned to fundamentals – and in the case of financial markets- corporate earnings and the health of the consumer.

With a tougher stretch ahead, Raymond James Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam outlines how to see the financial market ‘race’ evolving with a focus on the health of the consumer, municipals, US/China relations and corporate earnings.

  • Guest speakers:   Eugenio J. Alemán, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Matt Barry, CFA, Investment Strategist, Tracey Manzi, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist, Ed Mills, Managing Director, Washington Policy Analyst, and Brian Vaccaro, CFA, Managing Director, Equity Research, Restaurants 

Recorded May 6, 2024

Investors, it’s time to power up! This quarter, we are taking a trip down memory lane to look back at classic video games like Tetris and Pac-Man to explain our views on the economy and financial markets.

Driven in part by artificial intelligence, large cap tech stocks continue to grow. However, like in a video game, the higher the level, the greater the upcoming challenge! Meanwhile the US Federal Reserve is balancing fighting inflation with limiting a potential slowdown in economic activity. Presidential contenders Biden and Trump are hurling campaign rhetoric at each other ahead of the 2024 election, and oil prices are bouncing between the forces of supply and demand.

Whether you are in a fantasy gaming world or the real-life investment world, you need to be prepared and ready for any challenges that come your way. In our latest Quarterly Coordinates webinar, we go to The Next Level Up!

Recorded April 8, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.

Super Tuesday, the President's State of the Union and Fed Chairman Powell's testimony to Congress are in the rear view mirror. What's next, and what impact will it have on financial markets? Raymond James Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam welcomes two Washington policy experts to our March 11 webinar to discuss U.S. presidential politics and global geopolitical hotspots.

Other key topics will include:

  • Has the market finally come to terms with the Fed keeping rates 'higher for longer'?
  • Have Treasury yields peaked since rising ~40 bps so far in 2024?
  • Equal weight vs. market cap-weighted equity indices: Do you know what you own?
  • It's tourney time! A look at asset class seeding and the importance of Asset Allocation through our Investment Strategy bracketology.

Guest speakers: Eugenio Alemán, Chief Economist, Tracey Manzi, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist, Matt Barry, CFA, Investment Strategy Analyst, Ed Mills, Managing Director, Washington Policy Analyst and Ellen Ehrnrooth, Research Associate, Washington Policy.

As fans gear up for the big football game, investors are keeping an eye on several key factors in the market:

  • The potential earnings ‘route’ as we head into 2024 as fourth-quarter earnings season winds down
  • Whether equities can continue to ‘move the chains’ forward
  • Fed moves as they look set to cut interest rates as they appear to have ‘blocked’ inflation
  • If the tech-related sectors can ‘score’ again this year

Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam guides us through the market playbook for the first quarter of 2024 and beyond. He also takes fun look at historical tidbits to help you appreciate the dynamics of the game!

Guest speakers:Eugenio Alemán, Chief Economist, Matt Barry, CFA, Investment Strategy Analyst, Josh Beck, Managing Director, Equity Research (Internet & AI)

This webinar was recorded Monday, February 5, at 4:00 p.m. ET

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are setting the table for the months and year ahead, digging into the big issues on investors’ minds. We’ll analyze the increase in interest rates, the strength of the consumer heading into the holiday shopping season, and the key lessons from third quarter earnings. The political landscape is also in the spotlight, with disarray in DC and a presidential race about to ramp up.

Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam was joined by other thought leaders (listed below) at our table for a robust discussion of major market dynamics.

Guest speakers: Bobby Griffin, Director, Equity Research (Consumer Hardlines/Specialty Retail), Ed Mills, Managing, Director, Washington Policy, Tracey Manzi, Senior Investment Strategist, Matt Barry, Investment Strategy Analyst

Recorded November 6, 2023 at 4:00 pm ET.

Summer break is over and it’s time for a reset. Heading into the fall, the biggest economic questions are: Will the resilient US economy stumble into a recession and how high will the Fed take interest rates? The answer to these questions will have profound impacts on both the bond and equity markets. Second quarter earnings may have come in better than expected, but the real story was in the trends that are unfolding and corporate guidance. And as politicians come back to work after their summer recess, there are rumblings of government funding disagreements that may lead to another spending showdown at the end of September. To top it off, the 2024 election season is officially underway. Guest speakers: Eugenio J. Alemán, Ph.D., Chief Economist; Tracey Manzi, Senior Investment Strategist; Ed Mills, Managing Director, Washington Policy Analyst and Matt Barry, Investment Strategy Analyst.

The webinar was recorded on September 11, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

The kickoff of summer travel season hit levels not seen since 2019! Could this signal another season of revenge spending for U.S. consumers? Markets are also assessing whether AI marks a turning point for tech. Join Raymond James Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam and other thought leaders to discuss these critical issues and more.

The webinar was recorded on June 12, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. ET.