Investing for the greater good

Most people don’t consider the impact their portfolio can have on society as a whole. At Cranbrook Financial Partners, a large number of our clients believe that everyone shares in the responsibility to make our world a better place, and that corporations share in that responsibility.

We believe most corporations can benefit the world through the products and jobs they create, services they provide, and behaviors they enact. That’s why we can work to position your investing dollars in a way that is socially responsible – seeking to invest in companies that provide positive leadership in regard to improving societal outcomes for today, as well as for generations to come.

This approach to investing is ingrained in our disciplined process as we help our clients reach their financial goals. When this thoughtful process comes first, it helps us ensure that investment selection meets these standards as we develop wealth management strategies.

As part of our overall comprehensive financial planning process, we can take a more in-depth look at your existing investments by performing a portfolio x-ray to uncover the underlying investments making up your mutual funds, exchange traded funds, unit investment trusts and other holdings.

Those securities are then run through multiple screens to identify investments that either meet criteria for socially responsible or socially irresponsible corporations. After screening, and applying our metrics, we quantify the social impact based on how much of your portfolio these investments represent. Following socially responsible guidelines published by the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, we make recommendations accordingly as we move forward with your overall financial plan and how this plays a part. For more information on the guidelines we follow, visit, or review our brochure on sustainable investing.